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3 Steps That Will Change How You Take Care of Your Car.

Safe Natural Wash

Most Important Step

Perfecting the Wax Finish

Today's Vehicles require "very special" care.

Whether your vehicle is leased or owned, the value of your vehicle today is directly related to its care.”
— Charles Bennett -CEO

BROOKSVILLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 16, 2018 / -- Today the makers of all vehicles offer an endless variety of paint colors and finishes. Although today's paints are far more beautiful than yesteryear, the paint thickness is far less so it’s easily damaged. Combine this problem with increased nasty exposure and you have the basic formula for disaster!

Vehicle manufacturers apply a clear coat to paints to achieve extra depth, color, and gloss. Vehicles with Clear-Coat-Paints require "very special" care. Keep in mind the loss of wax on your vehicle cannot be seen. When you think your vehicle is crying out for attention, you are seeing new paint damage! A real mistake is thinking that washing or just waxing is enough...pre-wax cleaning is the difference between a good looking car and a great looking automobile.

Step 1: Washing, the very most and very least you can do.

Before you wax your vehicle ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, wash it thoroughly and above all do not wash your vehicle in the hot sun. Any dirt or grit that is on your car's surface will scratch the paint that you are trying to protect. We recommend non-acid, non-phosphoric, low or no sodium, natural soap based liquid car washes that claim to do nothing but wash. Be on your guard against multi-function products, there is no replacement for common sense and lots of clean water. Use at minimum a 5 gallon pail and a synthetic sponge (real sponges and wash mitts trap sand which will scratch your vehicle). Do not ‘pressure-wash’ as the increased water pressure will damage seals and force soapy water into areas that don’t even get rain water. Wash your vehicle top-down which means starting at the very top. Wash small sections at a time and rinse the entire vehicle even after washing a small section. Whether your vehicle is leased or owned, the value of your vehicle today is directly related to its care.

Step 2: Cleaning, the best step in getting close to your vehicle surfaces.

Before you wax your car always clean the paint thoroughly. All painted surfaces should be cleaned with a non-abrasive, safe cleaner prior to applying wax. Use oils that have natural astringent properties to penetrate and extract trapped dirt, impurities and dead oxidized paint adhering to the primary painted surface. As you apply the natural oils they will penetrate and break down everything on the surface of the paint encapsulating grime so they can be easily wiped off without scratching the painted clear coat. Minor swirl marks and scratches are visually reduced by removing the leading "edge" of the dead paint surrounding the scratch. This robs sunlight of a sharp edge to cause a reflection. The oils will also attach to the released deposits and allow these deposits to be wiped off using a simple terry towel or microwipe. Do not use any abrasive compounds as they will cause paint damage.

Step 3: Waxing, the finishing step that preserves and protects your investment.

Now that you have completely cleaned your paint's surface revealing paint with life and luster, follow with a coat of high quality, natural wax to protect and shield the paint.

Natural waxes are best because their composition fights nature. Carnauba is the hardest of the natural waxes and gives the brightest shine. When using Carnauba based waxes look for waxes with historically long reputations and praised results. Yeah, we agree Directions are boring but reading the Directions can also make all the difference in the results you get. For maximum paint protection and shine, apply a maintenance coat of wax every one to two months. Natural Detail Sprays are also good for your vehicle’s paint especially after a weekly wash.

Until next time...this vehicle owner is going to go out to wash, clean and wax his car.

For more information about vehicle care visit or contact 800-999-5563.

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